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May 23 2023

Sri Lanka has been seen as one of China’s string of pearls: An exclusive interview with Prof.Mark S.Cogan

Prof.Mark Cogan

China is turning its attention to the Tamils in the north, using some of the same tactics previously employed during the Rajapaksa era to slowly win the trust of the Tamil minority. That, for India, is an emerging concern.


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May 04 2023

Seminar on Sri Lanka’s Foreign Policy


CSST organized a seminar for Trincomalee-based media correspondents on understanding Sri Lanka's foreign policy.  The seminar was held at the JAKAB PARK hotel on 01.05.2023, Trincomalee.

CSST’s executive director and political analyst, Mr. A.Jathindra, delivered a lecture on the topic. 

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April 25 2023

Monkey Export: Understanding China’s Behavior in Vulnerable Countries

Monkey export to China

Sri Lanka-China relations have become a fiery argument over monkey business. Sparking protests from animal protection groups and environmentalists after Sri Lankan agricultural minister Mahinda Amaraweera announced that the government is considering exporting 100,000 monkeys to China.

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April 04 2023

News of China's Radar Base in Sri Lanka raises serious questions about its foreign policy

China's radar base in Sri Lanka

How China caught up a strategic port, Hambantota is one of the most vivid examples of China's ulterior use of loans and aid to gain influence around the world. After struggling to repay the loan, the Sirisena-Ranil government handed over the port to China on a 99-year lease in 2017.

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March 23 2023

China will continue to seek great naval capacities: An exclusive interview with Chad Sbragia.

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for China

Mr.Chad Sbragia, a former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for China. Previously, Sbragia served as the Director of the China Research Group for the U.S.

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March 15 2023

Can Sri Lanka exit from dumb bets on China?

China's magic weapon

Blaming foreign conspiracies engineered by the CIA, RAW and MI6 is commonplace in local politics. The nationalists in the Sinhala and Tamil camps invoke this trite trick when they find themselves with something of a hot potato.

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