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March 23 2023

China will continue to seek great naval capacities: An exclusive interview with Chad Sbragia.

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for China

Mr.Chad Sbragia, a former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for China. Previously, Sbragia served as the Director of the China Research Group for the U.S.

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March 15 2023

Can Sri Lanka exit from dumb bets on China?

China's magic weapon

Blaming foreign conspiracies engineered by the CIA, RAW and MI6 is commonplace in local politics. The nationalists in the Sinhala and Tamil camps invoke this trite trick when they find themselves with something of a hot potato.

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February 21 2023

A Dark Side: Report on Norochcholai Power plant

Norochcholai power plant - CSST
The Power Plant 

The Lakvijaya Power Plant, also known as the Norochcholai Power plant, is situated in Norochcho

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February 02 2023

Conference on India's G20: Implications for Indo-Pacific

Conference on India's G20 in Jaffna

India last month began its year-long presidency of the most powerful grouping, the G20. It is a watershed movement for India and South Asia. Against this backdrop, the Center for Strategic Studies - Trincomalee (CSST) organized a conference on 'India's G20: Implications for the Indo-Pacific' in Jaffna on 21 January.

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January 19 2023

Is sea cucumber farming in northern Sri Lanka a Chinese checkpoint in Palk Bay?

Fishermen in dread.

China is the largest importer of northern Sri Lankan sea cucumber. A certain number of sea cucumber farmers are happy to receive top dollar. However, most northern fishermen, who traditionally rely on fishing for their livelihood, are in dire straits.

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