Our Team


Jathindra is the founding executive director of the Centre for Strategic Studies, Trincomalee, a think tank based in the port city of Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. His research focuses on issues of Sri Lanka’s foreign policy, the intersection of geopolitics, Chinese expansion, and transnational terrorism.

Jathindra holds a master’s degree in Applied Conflict Transformation Studies from Pannasastra University, Cambodia. He is an IVLP alumni, selected by the US State Department in 2020 to participate in a regional program titled “US Foreign Policy in the Indo-Pacific.”

He is a well-known journalist. In his 20 years of experience in political writing, he has authored numerous articles on local and international affairs.

He regularly contributes to the newspapers in Sri Lanka and the Diasporic media.

Prof. K. T. Ganeshalingam

K. T. Ganeshalingam, the Head of the Political Department at the University of Jaffna, serves on the board. His research focuses on Sri Lanka’s foreign policy, the expansion policy of China, India-Sri Lanka relations, and the intersection of geopolitics.

He is the author of five books: ‘Changing New World Order: Geopolitical Perspective (2002), ‘Sethusamuduram Cannel Project: A Political, Military, and Environmental View (2006), ‘South Asian Political Culture (2008)’, and International Politics: Some Perspective (2010). ‘Palestinian: A Contemporary View (2011) ‘Focuses of Contemporary International Political Culture (2013)’ and Foreign Policy of Sri Lanka from 1948 to 2010 (2014)’.

He is a regular contributor to a leading Tamil daily in Sri Lanka.

Prof. P. Balasundarampillai

Prof.Balasundrampillai is an Emirate professor. He is a former vice-chancellor at the University of Jaffna. His research focuses on governance, geopolitics, and environmental protection.

Prof. T. Krishnamohan

T. Krishnamohan is a professor in political science at the Department of Social Sciences, Eastern University of Sri Lanka. His research focuses on the intersection of geopolitics in the Indian Ocean Region, local governance, and minority politics.

He is the author of a number of books: Plantation Trade Union Movement in Sri Lanka (2008), Emerging Sea Power of China in the Twenty-First Century (Book Chapter 2011), Triangular Power Struggle in the Indian Ocean and Sri Lankan Ethnic Conflict (2012), and Decentralized Government in the Development Context of India (Book Chapter 2015).


Mrs. Kosalai Mathan

Kosalai Mathan is the head of the department of law, University of Jaffna. She is a highly respected and accomplished legal scholar with a strong focus on Fundamental Rights and human rights, constitutional principles, and their practical observance. She has an in-depth understanding of the role of the judiciary in a democratic state and is well-versed in the areas of Democratic Governance and Nation Building, Devolution, and other forms of power sharing.

Her research also extends to the traditional laws of Thesavalamai law and the ongoing reforms in it. She also has a keen interest in the legal and policy measures that affect family life, women, and child rights, including marriage, divorce, and domestic violence.

Mrs Mathan is also well-versed in the legal and policy measures that have the potential to affect the public, such as bans on tobacco, alcohol, and drugs. Her research also includes access to justice, which is a critical aspect of ensuring that all citizens have equal protection under the law.

Prof. T. Bahavan

Bahavan is a professor of economics at the Department of Economics, Eastern University of Sri Lanka. He earned his PhD in the School of Economics at Hauzhong University of Science and Technology (HUST). His research focuses on international financial flows and international trade.

He has authored a number of journal articles on foreign aid, foreign direct investment, and the policies and effectiveness of foreign aid.

Dr. N. Pushparajah

Pushparajah is a senior political lecturer at the Department of Social Science at the Eastern University of Sri Lanka. He holds a PhD from Seuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa, Italy. He also obtained an LLM degree in International Human Rights from the National University of Ireland. He has authored a number of journal articles on politics and human rights.

Pushparajah is the author of three books: Social Harmony in Multiculturalism (2022), Human Rights: Theory and Practice (2020), and Human Rights Obligations of Armed Non-State Actors in Non-International Armed Conflicts (2016).

His research focuses on Sri Lankan politics, international politics, tensional justice and reconciliation, international humanitarian law, and public international law.

Dr. V. Jeyamurugan

Jeyamurugan obtained his PhD in Development Studies at the University of the Philippines, Manila. He was a Rotary Peace Fellow at the International Christian University (ICU), Tokyo.

Jeyamurugan is an alumni of the Asia Institute for Management, Makati, Manila. He has two decades of experience in various capacities at international organizations. He is passionate about researching great power competitions based on small countries, minority politics, and civilian protection in armistice conflicts.

He recently published a chapter on ‘Unarmed civilian protection: Impact on Strengthening Civilian Capabilities in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao’ in the book UNARMED CIVILIAN PROTECTION: A New Paradigm for Protection and Human Security, published by Bristol University Press, UK.

V. Thanabalasingham

Mr.Thanabalasingham is a veteran journalist in Sri Lanka. He was chief editor of Thinakkural, a leading Tamil daily in Sri Lanka, and a former editorial consultant at Express Newspapers Ceylon Ltd. Prior to that, he was a sub-editor at the local and foreign news desks at Virakesari.

His research focuses on Sri Lankan politics, environmental protection, and cultural aspects.

Mr. S .Vipulananda

Vipulananda is a journalist. He is the editor at Arab News in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He has over than 20 years of experience in journalism in Sri Lanka and the Arabian Gulf. He is a fellow of the Reuters Foundation in 1933.

Vipulananda is a creative and media professional with in-depth knowledge of journalism and creative/PR agency fundamentals and the ability to work in a high-pressure environment. His research focuses on politics and the economy in Gulf countries.


Mugunthan is a treasurer of the institution. He is a lawyer and human rights activist based in Trincomalee, serves on the board. He has extensive experiences in financial management and institutional capacity building.