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- September 20 2020

Zeitgeist, Imperiums and Ontological Security: Cues and Insinuations on Developments in Sri Lanka

Sivas Krishna

The Oslo II Accord that was signed in September 1995 substantiated an important argument in state-building. By calling for the Palestinian Police to be the only security authority, it underscored the position that security dimensions will take precedence. The other two pillars of state-building — the political and economic dimensions — will always play second fiddle.

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The following projects are in progress:

  • The Tamil Diaspora from Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lanka's Geo-Strategic Significance 


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April 02 2020

The Corona: Is China having the last laugh?


China has continued to object to Coronavirus being referred to as “Wuhan Virus” or “Chinese Virus” which by all accounts originated in Wuhan of Hubei Province, China. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also instructed to stop referring the new strain of coronavirus as Wuhan or Chinese flu. The WHO has been urging for many years not to identify flus by geography or animals (swine flu, bird flu, monkey pox). 

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June 30 2019

An EXCLUSIVE interview with Øivind Fuglerud


Øivind Fuglerud is professor of social anthropology at the Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo. His research interests include Diaspora formations, politics of cultural representation and aesthetics.

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June 25 2019

An EXCLUSIVE interview with Erik Solheim


Erik Solheim is a Norwegian diplomat and international peace-maker. He still remains as one of the most recognizable faces of the peace negotiations between the Sri Lankan Government and the Tamil Tigers. Indeed, he helped negotiate the truce in 2002.

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November 06 2018

An EXCLUSIVE Interview with S I Keethaponcalan

Dr Poncalan

Dr S. I. Keethaponcalan is Chair of the Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution Department at Salisbury University, Maryland.

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