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Under the Radar: Are Sri Lanka’s ports the next Great Game for China, India and Japan?

By:Jeremy Luedi Paper nr: Date:24/04/2017

Increased international interest in the Indian Ocean comes at a convenient time for Sri Lanka, as the country continues to recoup after the end of its decades-long civil war which ended in 2009.

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Island Nation in Indian Ocean now a big draw for US, China

By:Erik Slavin Paper nr: Date:26/03/2017

HAMBANTOTA, Sri Lanka — The answer to why a state-of-the-art port exists in a remote part of one of Asia’s smallest nations lies a short distance out in the Indian Ocean.

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China and India Contest the Right to Own Hambantota

By:Vladimir Terehov Paper nr: Date:08/03/2017

Analysts specialized in predicting the course relations between India and China may take, have recently followed a scenario unravelling around the small town of Hambantota, located in the south of the Republic of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon).

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India Could Do More for Sri Lanka’s Tamils

By:Taylor Dibbert Paper nr: Date:27/02/2017

India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has been relatively quiet when it comes to Tamil issues in Sri Lanka, although now would be a good time for the prime minister to reconsider his low-key approach.

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China won’t back down from building economic, commercial ties with Sri Lanka

By:Hu Weijia Paper nr: Date:08/02/2017

It would not necessarily be a bad thing if healthy competition between China and India in the Sri Lankan market could be further stirred up.

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Rekindled Sino-Indian tensions roil geopolitics in Asia

By: Harsh V. Pant Paper nr: Date:30/01/2017

After a few timid signs of warming, Sino-Indian relations seem to be headed for the freezer. While Beijing refuses to take Indian security concerns seriously, New Delhi may have decided to take the Chinese challenge head-on.

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China’s debt-trap

By:Brahma Chellaney Paper nr: Date:30/01/2017

The heavier the debt burden on smaller countries, the greater China’s own leverage becomes

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